Predator Motorcycle Helmets

We're very excited to show you our full Predator helmet lineup. These badass motorcycle helmets are not only cool looking because they are D.O.T. approved full-face motorcycle helmets, but they are also the safest headgear you can wear.

Check out all of our cool motorcycle helmets, below, and scroll to the bottom of the page to see why they are so popular!

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Truly BadAss Motorcycle Helmets!

No matter what your style is, we're sure we have a predator motorcycle helmet that fits your image.

For those who want a more conservative, understated essence of "bad", our Iron Warrior or Ancient Predator helmet will fill the bill. Black and gray, they may not be colorful, but they are not lacking in style at all! 

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, our Blue Elder Predator helmet will definitely turn some heads. Pair it with the Red Elder Predator helmet for a matching set in contrasting colors. The Red Elder is also a great helmet paired with its equally flashy cousin - the Red Tribal Predator motorcycle helmet.

We haven't forgotten the true warriors - our armed servicemen. Our Camo Enforcer Predator motorcycle helmet is super popular with all branches of the military and hunters love it, too. Another helmet popular with the military and other true patriots is our Flag Enforcer Predator helmet, which is covered with American flags and bald eagles.

Last, but certainly not least, is our Skull Enforcer Predator motorcycle helmet. Covered with red-eyed skulls, only the baddest of the bad can pull this helmet off!

All of our Predator helmets are full-face motorcycle helmets, all are D.O.T. approved and of course, all feature our signature Predator dreadlocks.

Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

There is no safer helmet to wear than a full-face motorcycle helmet. Here is a brief overview of the differences in the main helmet types. You can also read our Motorcycle Helmet Buyer's Guide for a complete rundown on the differences in motorcycle helmets.

Full Face Motorcycle Helmet - The safest type of helmet, covers the top of the head, sides of the head, chin, and face. All of our Predator Motorcycle Helmets are full face.

Half Face Helmet - One of the least safe types of helmets, it only covers the top and sides of the head with no protection for the chin area. Some of these helmets have a visor that protects the face area while others do not.

Modular Helmet - A "convertible" of sorts, this type of helmet has pieces that fasten together, giving a rider the flexibility to ride with a full face or a half-face - with or without a face visor. Although it has super flexible functionality. pieces of the helmet can fly off during a hard impact, making it less safe than a full-face helmet.

D.O.T. Approved Motorcycle Helmets

No matter which helmet you ultimately decide on, you can rest easy knowing that ALL of our Predator motorcycle helmets are approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation, meeting all safety requirements.