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SY15 Custom Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved Helmet matt black

SY15 Custom Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved Helmet matt black

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You will exude an air of mystery when you're riding down the road wearing this awesome SY15 custom Predator matt black motorcycle helmet. The famous matt black Predator look in the shape of this helmet, and classic eye shape, is accented with those fabulous red alien designs and of course the popular dread locks. The incredible transformation from a standard Department of Transportation (DOT) safety approved motorcycle helmet into this awesome beast of a motorcycle helmet requires the artistic application of carbon fiber and an amazingly creative talent.

Even the fabulous Predator dread locks have carbon fiber tips to add coolness to the looks and durability to the overall piece. If you're tired of not being noticed when you ride down the road on your motorcycle, and you want to make sure you have everyone's attention, then you're definitely taking a step in the right direction when you get this super cool looking helmet. As eye catching as this awesome helmet is, it's highly unlikely anyone will cut you off again because they didn't see you. This fabulous helmet is also a great way to express your love of science fiction movies and games and of course the Predator film franchise. No one will see you as a person to mess with when you walk into a party wearing this daring beast of a helmet.

Can you imagine how cool you're going to look when you're racing down the highway and your dread locks are blowing in the wind behind you? You'll have people pulling off wherever you do just so they can meet you and find out about who is wearing this super-hot looking matt black Predator helmet. When you show up wearing this monster helmet, you'll no longer blend into the background and we're certain that after the first party appearance, your little black book is going to be full.


  • Color: Matte black with red alien text
  • Our helmets are DOT certified, and are made with carbon fiber parts.
  • This helmet has an ECE R22-05 base, through our innovative technology we have fashioned them into a unique shape without damaging the basic helmet structure.
  • This helmet comes with Red Tri-Laser (LED) with an on-off switch.
  • Designed by a professional artist.
  • The quality and uniqueness of this helmet is 100% guaranteed.

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