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Badass Helmets

Let's face it, one of the things we want to do when hopping on a bike is to strap on a helmet. While the stigma against wearing a helmet (was it against safety? Or did we think wearing a helmet made us look less awesome?) has dwindled some, thanks mostly to the fact that we are smarter than we used to be. Yet, sometimes we can't get the thought of being a square out of our heads.

Better to be Square than be Splat

school-boy-398352_960_720I think of a story my dad told me about getting his first motorcycle. He was about 14, he said, and his folks insisted on some awkward, geeky half-dome helmet. It not only looked terrible, but probably wouldn't have done much anyway, had he crashed while wearing it.

He never did crash in that helmet, though, because of course he refused to wear it.

He'd leave the house, safety first, and ditch it in a bush as soon as he was out of sight of his folks. Luckily, my dad is still around, being a tough guy and a general badass. He might have been a good biker, but he was also just lucky. I fancy myself a bit smarter than my pops, but I also fancy myself just as cool as he was when he was a kid.

It's a Brave New (Badass) World

As a motorcycle lover and an appreciator of cool,I'm always on the lookout for awesome, custom motorcycle helmets that, if they were around in the 1950s, would have made my dad forget that he was "playing it safe." What follows are some of my favorite badass motorcycle helmets, all of which are DOT certified.

Be a Comic Book Badass

One cool style that's popping up in unique motorcycle helmets are comic style and superhero helmets. What's better than having your favorite, awesome comic hero or villain on your head, reminding you of your power?

One of my favorites is the HJC CL-17 "The Punisher". This style is really cool because it's sleek, classic, and all black except with the Punisher icon on its side and on top, in grey and white. It's definitely a badass full face motorcycle helmet for someone who loves Punisher but also wants a classic style.

The HJC IS-17 Iron Man Red helmet is really cool, too. It's a lot more flashy, and definitely holds true to the hero aesthetic. It's classic maroon in the back, but turn the helmet around and there he is, the Iron Man emblem in gold. What an awesome visual element.

The Punisher

Kill it with a Cap

Cap motorcycle helmets are another style I really like. They tend to look more like something you'd wear if you're rolling through enemy territory in the old days, maybe wiping jungle sweat from your brow.

Well, the Bell Rogue does, anyway. Maybe it's the matte black, but something about the simplicity of this helmet makes me think of being on an adventure, somewhere way in the outback with just a pack and my bike. It definitely has attitude, and when people are comparing this helmet to a mix between that worn by Darth Vader and Mad Max, you know it's badass.

The Voss 888FRP Paisley Fiberglass helmet is another of this style, suited for a woman. Also matte black, this helmet has an intricate purple paisley pattern on one side. Feminine and tough, this helmet weighs in at only 2 pounds. It's made for a long wear in any adventure.

My other favorite women's helmet is the Scorpion EXO-C110 Mariposa. The unique paint job on this beauty is unlike any other. Detailed butterflies atop the ornate background is sure to draw attention. I know I'd take a second look.

Voss 888FRP

High-Tech and High-Design

There are some unique helmets that don't fit into any particular category, and these are some of the most interesting helmets out there.

The angular and super futuristic looking Skully AR-1 is one of the wildest ones. This really is a badass full face motorcycle helmet of the future. Android powered, it shows a heads-up display as you ride with turn-by-turn navigation, a rear camera, and has bluetooth capabilities.

The Reevu FSX1 Rear-View helmet also has some cool technology; this one's mirror bends light around the shell of the helmet, so the rider can easily see what's behind. I like the look of the FSX1 a lot. It's sort of 1960s European racing helmet meets a slimmed down Storm Trooper. The perfect date to any trendy party.

Another super tough-looking helmet is the 1Storm 3D Skull helmet. This one looks just as nuts as it sounds with skull grimace, evil brow, and sharp pointed mohawk across the top. It comes in glossy red, blue, or black, and a sort of mottled pattern called skull flower black. This one is one of my favorites, such an intense design. Not to be messed with!

1Storm 3D Skull

Airbrushed Artistry

The Scorpion EXO-R410 Bushido helmet has a really killer design. Here we have a very colorful, very intricately painted helmet with a grimacing yakuza, or Japanese gangster-type character on the back, and other characters on the sides. This helmet weighs a little over a pound and comes in red or blue. This one is a head turner for sure, and is one badass full face motorcycle helmet.

Now, the AGV K3 5-Continents Full Face helmet is another, more gentle beauty. This helmet has a sort of 1990s, summer of surf and sand look to it. The dark blue background with sunny orange and neon green is a unique palette, and the sun and stars motif make it stand out and give it a cheery, yet totally cool vibe.

AGV's K3 Dreamtime helmet also shares in this summer feeling, but with more of a stippling style that brings to mind the art of Native Australians. The whole thing comes off as both simple and intricate, and undeniably cool.

Scorpion EXO-R410 Bushido

From Dia De Los Muertos to Vintage Pin-Up

The Shark Evoline Series 3 Mezcal has a really wicked Dia De Los Muertos style sugar skull graphic on it, giving it a totally sleek, very street-ready look. Shark calls it one of the safest motorcycle helmets you can buy, giving it 5 stars in the Shark crash test.

Another helmet with cool, on-trend graphics the Vega X380 Helmet. Depicted on this one has a sexy wartime pin-up girl, riding a bomb. "Never Surrender" is scrawled above her head, a motto a lot of us might mutter when riding through the night. It's retro shape brings to mind a World War II fighter pilot, making it a favorite of these cool motorcycle helmets.

Shark Evoline Series 3 Mezcal


Sleek and Retro

The Biltwel Gringo Le Tracker is another really cool, sleek-looking retro helmet. This one fits any kind of rider. It's a simple, straightforward and a straight up classic helmet.

The Biltwel Gringo full face motorcycle helmet is also gorgeous in its simplicity. In shiny black, this one has got to be one of the sexier helmets out there.

If you want something a little lighter in color, the Bell Rsd Mojo Bulitt is just as sleek, just as sexy. All white but with slender gold lines framing the face, this one reminds me of something Speed Racer would wear.

Biltwel Gringo Le Tracker

Dual Sport Demagogue

And if you are searching for a multi-use helmet, something badass you can wear on your usual commute or while racing down a road (or off a road, for that matter), may I draw your attention to the Bell Syndrome Moto-9 Flex MX helmet, a totally mean looking, not-to-be-messed-with creation that has been built with a "more personalized fit" in mind. This is one of the more unique motorcycle helmets in that it is made to fit comfortably on many different head shapes and sizes.

Another really badass dual sport helmet is the Arai Xd4 full face helmet. This one is also super mean looking, and is really popular thanks to its low weight and emphasis on comfort. It resembles the Moto-9 Flex in its sharp and tough appearance, but is a badass full face motorcycle helmet rather than an open one.

Evil Kenevil vs. Terminator

The Stealth Phantom is a really cool motorcycle helmet for women. This is a convertible style, meaning it can be changed from a full face to an open face helmet. This one is black, tough, but has a few monarch butterflies decorating it. This one reminds me of other custom motorcycle helmets in its juxtaposition of a hard and soft aesthetic.

The LS2 Kurt Easy Rider Bobber is basically made for Evil Kenevil, which I love. Super patriotic with its stars and bars, this half helmet will have you wanting to jump over some American cars or, not recommended, across a canyon. It's perfect for arriving to any picnic.

And if you want to look truly heroic, you might like to go for the Official Police Motorcycle Helmet made by Intapol. Whether you are a real cop or not, this one has you looking like an official who is not to be messed with. Weighing only 2 pounds, this badass motorcycle helmet will easily give you the edge you need, maybe instilling fear in those who are familiar with Robert Patrick's role in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Either way, it's an awesome helmet.

Helmets for People Who Ain't Got Time to Bleed

So here we have a few of my favorite custom motorcycle helmets. These unique pieces will offer another dimension to whatever look you're going for, whether you want to look like a hero, a villain, a babe, or a badass. There are so many cool motorcycle helmets.

The shape, paint job, and general vibe of helmets has become such an art, what with safe becoming the new cool. There's definitely a unique motorcycle helmet out there for anyone, man or woman, straight-laced and classic or wild and bohemian.

It makes me think I could get my old man out on the road again, putting an awesome helmet on his head that would let him know: sacrificing being a badass for being safe just isn't an issue anymore.

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HJC CL-17 The Punisher

HJC IS-17 Iron Man

Bell Rouge

Voss 888FRP Paisley Fiberglass

Scorpion EXO-C110 Mariposa

Reevu FSX1 Rear-View

1Storm 3D Skull

AGV K3 5-Continents

AGV K3 Dreamtime

Biltwel Gringo Le Tracker

Bell RSD Mojo Bulitt

Bell Syndrome Moto-9 Flex MX

Arai XD4 Full Face

Stealth Phantom

LS2 Kurt Easy Rider Bobber

Official Police Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei Brigand RF-1200

Scorpion EXO-R710 Illuminati

Troy Lee Designs Pistonbone

NEXX X.D1 Voyager

Shark RAW

Fox Racing Priori

Nolan N44 Trilogy